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Adventure Tours – Placencia known for its great beaches on the mainland attracts travelers looking for that combination adventure travel options. Belize boast some great sea and land adventures and Placencia gives you the opportunity to see Belize from both ends.

Placencia being on the mainland gives great access to some of the most interest inland adventures including visiting and exploring Mayan Ruins, active adventures such as Hiking, Cave Tubing, Zip lining and nature tours. As common with great beach locations Placencia also provides very nice snorkeling and diving adventures including with Whale Sharks once in season.Fishing has become very popular in Placencia and off its coast with fishermen from avid sport fishermen that seek fly fishing opportunities, deap sea fishing, trolling or just having some fun fishing for anything they can hook.

So come to Placencia and you will not be short of Belize Adventures.

Please see links for varying tours that can be done from Placencia.

1.      Jaguar Reserve – This Nature and Adventure tour includes hiking, bird watching, river tubing and swimming in a waterfall, some operators and guides also provide an add on of rock sliding for the more adventurous.
2.      Monkey River – This popular River tour allows you to experience the jungle via a boat through the lagoon and Monkey river to see a variety of wildlife and Birds including Crocidiles, turtles and the very attractive Howler Monkeys. This tour also goes with an added adventure of manatee watching.
3.      Mayan Ruins – This is one of the trademark inland tours in Belize with Belize hosting some of the most amazing and interesting Mayan Archaeological sites in the Mayan world. The Mayan ruins are usually done on tours that require a full day with some driving involved. Sites that are usually popular from Placencia are Xunantunich, Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun.
4.      Scuba Diving - An amazing way to learn about the world below us with amazing sea creatures, colorful walls of naturally painted reefs and corals and amazingly clear waters. Placencia host a variety of Dive sites where Dive operators will give you 2 & 3 tank dives at the reef or closer to Placencia shore. You can also learn to dive or gain advancements or refreshing at certain dive operations.
5.      Whale Shark Diving – One of the most majestic creatures the Whale Shark makes Placencia a must visit for enthusiasts. During the months of March – June you will find the Whale Sharks off Gladden Split near Placencia. These trips are popular and early reservation guarantees opportunity to be a part of history.
6.      Snorkeling – The most popular sea activity is available everywhere you in Placencia. There are many tour shops and guides available who would take you out to snorkel near the reef, near an island/caye or several stops based on your interest.
7.      Horseback Riding – Not very common from Placencia but it still is possible with several horseback riding ranches off the Peninsula.
8.      Sea & River Kayaking – Love kayaking and want to do a guide tour or just rent a kayak and explore? Then both are possible with specialist operators offering Kayaking tours in the sea and lagoons and you can also rent one from various kayak rental shops or from your hotel and just explore the area.
9.      Sport & Flyfishing – Fishing is one of the more interesting adventures in Placencia with many guides and tour shops providing access for private fishing trips for Fly Fishing to have a chance at a Grand Slam, sport fishing, Trolling, Deep Sea fishing and recreational fishing are all available to do from Placencia.

10.  Other Tours – There are several other tours that are not mentioned such as ATM Cave Tour, Zip Lining & Cave Tubing, Blue Creek Cave and Mainflower Waterfall tour to name a few. We also have the now popular Real Estate Tour of Placencia.