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Placencia, Belize is the amazing mainland beach location with wonderful hotels and resorts great beach and water activities and close proximity to some inland adventures. Getting to Placencia is not extremely difficult but it can be very expensive especially for groups and some individuals who are on a budget. With the economic climate the way it is currently everyone is looking for the most cost effective and comfortable transportation to start or continue your vacation.
Belize Shuttles and Transfers Company
Our shuttle is a great option if you are looking to see the scenery, save money and get to Placencia comfortably. We are starting our shuttle with 2 shuttle per day leaving Placencia and 2 leaving Belize City/Belize Airport.
We will have an Express Shuttle that takes approximately 3 hours to reach its destination and a regular shuttle that will take approximately 4 hours to reach destination.
Our Belize - Placencia Shuttle Schedule
1. Leaving Belize Airport at 12:45pm daily - stops in Hopkins
2. Leaving Belize Airport at  3:15pm daily - Express
3. Leaving Placencia at 7am daily - stops in Hopkins
4. Leaving Placencia at 11:30am daily - Express
Cost for Shuttles originating or ending in Placencia

One Way Shuttle - $55US per person
Round Trip Shuttle - $100US per person
Hopkins Shuttle prices
One Way Shuttle - $45US per person
Round Trip Shuttle - $80US per person