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Placencia, Belize located in the southern portion of the small diverse country of Belize has several options available to help you reach the destination. All are quite adventurous in its own way and can be as short as 35 minutes to as long as 5 hours.

Placencia is a main land beach destination so it is accessible by land, sea and air, however most transportation options used are land and air. The distance from Belize City to Placencia by land is 160 miles. Getting to Placencia, Belize can be done using a variety of options, well actually 6.
There are two local airlines that run domestic flights at least 5 times per day leaving and going to Placencia with early morning and late afternoon flights. These flights are on 9 -13 seater Cessna airlines. The flights average travel time is 40 minutes and can be taken from Belize International Airport or Belize Municipal Airport. The average cost for a one way adult ticket is $93 US.
There is currently one company running a consistent shuttle from Belize City to Placencia and is based near the International Airport in Belize City. They have 2 scheduled shuttles per day leaving both Belize City and Placencia. The average length of time the shuttle takes to reach its destination is 3.5 hrs with a very scenic drive. The cost for a one way shuttle per person is $55 US.
There are many transportation companies that provide private car/van transfers and are based both in Belize City, San Ignacio and Placencia. Dependant on where you are coming from you can make the arrangements for a transfer to or from Placencia. The average cost of a Van transfer is $260-$300US for 1 - 4 persons.
You can get a taxi from Belize City or from Placencia if you have not made reservations for your transfer to or from Placencia. Taxi prices fluctuate according to what is available and if you are a good negotiator, it is however generally similar in price to the private car/van transfer.
If you are looking to explore Belize and the areas around Placencia or you will be staying further down the Peninsula away from Placencia Village then renting a car may be a good option. There are several Car Rental Agencies to choose from if you require a vehicle from Belize Airport and two car rental agencies in Placencia if you require a car when you get to Placencia. Average cost for car rental per day is $75US
There are two bus lines that go to and from Placencia to Belize City. If you are starting out your trip from Belize Airport you will have to arrive on a flight before noon so as to catch the 2nd bus leaving Belize around 1pm. Buses are ideal if you are on a budget and you spend a night in Belize City. Buses usually take about 4-5 hours to get to Placencia. The average cost for one person from Belize City to Placencia is $15US.