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Placencia has a rich history as a pirate’s hideaway and, in the more recent past, as a sleepy fishing village.  While many new resorts and hotels are springing up along the peninsula, Placencia remains a laid-back beach community with many newcomers mixing in with the descendants of the old pirates and fishermen.  Capture the rhythm of Belize with its beautiful white sand beaches dotted with coconut trees and colorful cabaņas along the eastern coast of the 20-mile long Placencia peninsula.  On the western side of the peninsula there is a large lagoon that hosts forests of mangroves providing a sanctuary for manatees, crocodiles, and hundreds of water birds, and thousands of juvenile fish.

With the most beautiful beach in all of Belize, Placencia is a well-kept secret no longer.  More and more people are discovering the “barefoot perfect”, unspoiled sands of this tranquil Caribbean destination.  Placencia Village has the longest sidewalk in the world, where you can stroll along and drop in at beachside cafes and restaurants to enjoy local Belizean cuisine and perhaps, the fresh catch of the day.  Restaurants offer sumptuous meals to tempt and satisfy a wide range of tastes.  Wandering down the sidewalk, you come to the waterfront or dock area where you find sailboats moored off shore, and where fishermen bring in their catch that they sometimes have for sale at the end of the day, before heading off to the local “watering hole”.  Nightlife here is always casual, like everything else on the peninsula.  You can enjoy karaoke, kick off your shoes and dance to sensuous Caribbean rhythms, or enjoy creative tropical cocktails and watch the stars from any of the many beach bars.